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Most experts agree that there is no cure for ASD. Many people with ASD do not see autism as something that doctors need to cure or that they need treating. People can, however, improve any health conditions they associate with ASD and take steps to reduce any daily difficulties of ASD.

In many cases, the sooner people receive a diagnosis of ASD or ADHD, the better their chances are of reducing problems with school, jobs, and interpersonal relationships. However, they are different conditions with different causes. People may use behavior therapies to help manage any challenges or conditions that health professionals associate with both ASD and ADHD. Article last reviewed by Mon 17 June All references are available in the References tab.

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Table of contents Overview Can you have both? Characteristics Diagnosis Treatment Summary. People with ADHD often fidget or touch things around them. What to know about autism. Autism is a developmental spectrum condition. This article gives an overview of autism, including the characteristics, causes, and research around the condition. Social skills training classes may benefit people with ASD.

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Coaching People with Asperger Syndrome

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  • About Insync Why Insync? How It Started About the Founders. They may have difficulty anticipating consequences due to challenges with imagining how present actions or inaction could affect the future outcome. They may feel alienated and isolated due to difficulty with social-communication and initiating connection with people.

    They may underperform in college due to difficulty with organizing and prioritizing their work so it is turned in on-time and is aligned with college-level quality expectations. They may have difficulty managing their anxieties or depressive times, and give up on goals that seem to take too long to reach. They may have challenges in self-care such as hygiene, getting exercise, and eating a variety of nutritious foods. Can you relate? Are you feeling under-prepared? In any case, we can help.