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Wilson jumped at the chance, but not for the reason House thought — since Danny had disappeared in Princeton, Wilson took the opportunity to look in homeless shelters for him. He kept this secret from House for years. He only spotted Danny once during this time — while James was having dinner, he spotted him outside. However, by the time he got out of the restaurant, Danny was gone. This eventually prompted Wilson to join the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital where he eventually became the head of the Oncology Department. When House became disabled and his girlfriend Stacy Warner left him, Wilson started spending more time with House and less with Bonnie.

However, Wilson bounced back again — he married a third time to Julie who has never been seen in the series. House with Wilson. The hospital is soon in turmoil when it obtains a new benefactor and chairman, Edward Vogler , who insists that all the departments be profitable. For his trouble, Wilson is voted off the board, and is forced to consider resigning his position at the hospital to avoid further damage to his career. Wilson is soon restored to his job.

We also find out that both House and Wilson love monster trucks, but when Wilson refuses an invitation on the pretence that he is giving a speech and House finds out that the speech had already been cancelled, he finds that Wilson is instead meeting Stacy. Wilson is brought into action when Stacy returns and it appears House wants to rekindle their relationship despite her marriage. He confronts her and reminds her of the damage she did to House the last time she left. Although House and Stacy have a brief affair, House decides to end it. Wilson also finds out that House borrowed money from him to buy a motorcycle even though House had enough money already.

House admits that he borrowed the money to see how much he could borrow before Wilson refused. Fearing that his wife is angry with him for his latest infidelity, he instead finds out that she has been cheating on him. Wilson does manage a personal accomplishment. With House out with a patient and helping Wilson to keep Cuddy playing poker instead of checking out his activities, Wilson manages to win the oncology benefit poker tournament by slow playing a pair of pocket aces and beating a pair of kings.

He has an affair and moves in with one of his terminal cancer patients. After House figures it out and confronts him, Wilson agrees to end it and moves out on his own. After House returns from his convalescence after being shot and having treatment that removes his leg pain, he takes on the case of a former cancer patient who is confined to a wheelchair.

However, Cuddy refuses permission, only to give the patient the shot herself. As if by a miracle, the patient immediately improves, showing House was right. Wilson refuses, figuring that House is merely suffering aches and pains from overdoing his rehabilitation. The deception soon turns into a disaster. A police detective takes an interest in House after he sees House taking Vicodin in the clinic. He soon finds the faked prescriptions and asks Wilson about them. Wilson tries to get Allison Cameron to sign off on his prescriptions, but when House calls her away to work on his case, Wilson instead gives up his oncology practice.

Wilson accompanies House on a trip to Atlantic City with a former coma patient who House has temporarily revived. Instead, House turns the deal down flat. In order to keep the pressure on House, Cuddy and Wilson conspire to cut House off of Vicodin completely until he agrees to the deal.

Instead House steals drugs from a patient and, even though Wilson reverses himself and stops cooperating, House nearly goes to jail until Cuddy perjures herself to convince the court the stolen drugs were only a placebo. Wilson has to intervene once again when he realizes House is plotting to get nerve tissue from a patient who is insensitive to pain in an attempt to graft the nerve cells to his own.

While House is away, Wilson takes over the team when a middle aged woman collapses in her own home. Fortunately, Chase comes through with the right diagnosis.

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Wilson ends the season by angrily confronting House about the imminent departure of Eric Foreman and his subsequent decision to fire Chase, stating the decision turns House into a bastard. House finally relents when he takes a lengthy period of time to solve a case.

James Wilson

After the fellowship derby, House is sure that Wilson is not only dating someone, but someone House knew personally. Wilson's relationship with Amber Volakis came as a surprise to everyone, including Wilson and Amber themselves. Wilson realized that because Amber shared many characteristic with his best friend that they might be able to have the same type of lasting relationship. He later admitted to House that one of the reasons he liked Amber so much was because, like House, she was so much fun to be with. He also enjoyed the fact that she was much more assertive than he was.

On Amber's part, she had deep seated feelings of inadequacy that drove her to demand respect and to excel to get that respect. In Wilson, she found someone who could both respect her and find her attractive and desirable at the same time. Unfortunately, the relationship ended in tragedy when Amber died as a result of kidney failure due to the pills she was taking for the flu. She was transferred to another hospital under the name "Jane Doe" but once House realized Amber was the dying patient, she was sent to PPTH where House and his team tried to save her life with little success. Amber was put on life support, eventually succumbing to the organ damage but not before she said goodbye to Wilson.

Amber's death devastated Wilson more than his three previous divorces had. Although he did not blame anyone for Amber's death, not even House, he came away from the relationship with the one lesson Amber taught him — she could take care of herself and he had to take care of himself, particularly in a relationship with someone like her. He soon came to the conclusion that he didn't want to enable House any more, but tried to hide his feelings from House in order not to hurt him by claiming he just wanted a change of scenery.

In an attempt to reconnect with Wilson, House hires Lucas Douglas , a private detective. Lucas soon finds out that Wilson has stayed connected with everyone at the hospital except House. House once again tries to confront Wilson about this, but Wilson blows him off again. He soon realized after the trip that he hadn't had any fun since Amber died until he and House were back together again. They soon reconciled and Wilson returned to his old job. After Lawrence Kutner dies, House starts hallucinating a vision of Amber and finally turns to Wilson for help.

However, Wilson soon realizes that House is in serious trouble and Wilson accompanies him to Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital , watching from a distance as House approaches the entrance of the hospital before House eventually enters the hospital.

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House quickly detoxes from Vicodin, but refuses to deal with his underlying issues. Nolan and tries to enlist Wilson in the attempt. However, Wilson refuses to cooperate. House is soon reinstated and back doing diagnostic medicine. Wilson is astounded when House tries to re-form his old team, and is even more astounded when he succeeds. House is there for the rehabilitation as well, and Wilson soon regrets his decision when the friend goes back to his new girlfriend instead of his ex-wife.

Contact host. Show all 35 amenities. Sleeping arrangements. House was spotless and tastefully decorated. Beds were very comfortable beds and the linens and towels provided were premium quality. Kitchen appliances were excellent and kitchen was well stocked. Location of hose was great and… Read more. The Wilson house is absolutely beautiful! Perfect location, gorgeous house, well maintained fenced in yard! My group is already talking about coming back next year!

The Wilson House

The location was fabulous. The house was super clean and well maintained. Great hosts. Large house- nice for a long term stay! Very clean home with a responsive host. The Wilson house is a comfortable and stylish place to stay. The house is large, comfortable and spotless and full with all needed amenities.

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