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Find it on Amazon. Please note: The book and the workbook are both mandatory for workshop participation! Books available on-site.

Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body | Companion Guide/Workbook

God gave us all the resources necessary to rebuild and redesign a future that aligns with His established purposes. A House that Grace Built offers the blueprint of how God desires to grow us through His grace, redeem our human relationships and carry out our life calling. This process includes:. Learning to embrace healthy coping mechanisms to replace and eliminate the destructive emotions and behaviors of codependence permanently Allowing the process of true change and growth to be developed in and through us in our mind, emotions and decision-making capabilities.

By learning to understand His design for life and relationships, we can leave our survival skills and walk into our callings and destinies as children of God.

But as we quickly find, learning something in our head is much different from understanding it in our heart. Find it amazon. It will reveal and disclose how and why the addict comes under the destructive force, and in turn, how the family also experiences negative consequences. Most of all, this book is written to shine light into the confusion of addiction, and to inject hope by offering a redemptive point of view.

It will guide the family both through active addiction and then into the hope of the recovery process. Purchase on Amazon. Trying to find your Third Edition workbook and it seems to be out of print. Amazon only has used book for exorbitant prices. Can you give me any details. Thanks, RH. Hi Renee, I am so sorry! Please hang in there — in about another 24 hours that title will be back online.

Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body Companion Guide to Self-Mastery

We made minor revisions and we had no idea it would be offline this long. Hi there! I ordered 2 of the Christian Codependence Recovery workbooks from Amazon a couple of weeks ago and have not heard anything back on shipping. Are they on back order? And is Amazon the only place I can get copies? I was thinking about ordering a third copy as well.

Hi Michelle! There was some problems only because we had the book temporarily offline to make some publishing changes. And for whatever reason it took forever to get it back up. What I can do is pop you over a PDF of the workbook? Would that help get you started while you wait? Be sure to talk to Amazon to find out about the order! Thank you for your response Stephanie! I just contacted the seller on Amazon which was actually LoryWarehouse… Amazon had contacted me to say that I needed to contact the original seller which I mistakenly thought was your organization since that is where I originally started.

Hopefully, they will let me know what is going on quickly!

Speakers - NORWAC

We have listened to your talks already a little backwards, I know! So, celebrate you. Step one, celebrate you, sit in that new space and be present with the emotions that arises. Even if you feel lonely. A life that you are seeing, like the vision for your new life. Conscious expansion and awareness about your life. So, celebrate that commitment to your journey and just understand that the people who you think are going to be there celebrating with you are not always those persons. You know? So, by listening to this, you can now place a reference to the way you may be feeling — in the sense of just feeling completely abandoned.

So what do I do with that now? And sometimes a lot of those relationships are very dysfunctional and toxic and they need to be dissolved and shifted in the dynamics, right?

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Celebrate that, step one. Celebrate that, acknowledge that, be present to that — whatever emotions come up for you. You can never possibly be alone. You have infinite, supernatural, spiritual support — guidance through the love of your ancestors, through the love of your angels, the love of your spirit guides. There are so many positive, high frequency, pure love and light conscious beings that are surrounding you, that is so positively focused on you. And if you can reach for that, reach for that. And most of all, The Creator is positively focused on you, and admiring you, and just seeing you as just a beautiful, magnificent expression that is meant to be in awe of.

Unconditionally, right? So just because you exist, right? Not because things are perfectly unfolding in your physical reality or any other of those limiting, socially accepted beliefs, right — that love needs to be conditional and all these things, and respect and all these other things need to be conditional.

Just because you exist. And then the third step, I want to say is start getting back into your interests.

Like, what really interests you? You know, is it traveling? Is it … like what does your reality look like — your new ideal reality?

A New Vision for Catholic Religious Education

Are you traveling? Are you well balanced? Are you taking care of optimal health — of your health that you can have optimal health? So, are you working out? Are you eating more consciously?


Are you being more present in the moment? Are you experiencing and allowing the peace of mind and serenity to flow through you in all your experiences, and just having this sense of peace and calm and just appreciation? Do you desire to go to events and surround yourself with other persons who are also really becoming more conscious in the living, their levity? I probably should have titled this podcast how to tap into the, you know, just your inner magic, the sweetness of your inner magic, through your spiritual fortitude.

Wish them well, and then just know that as time goes by, they will be creating their reality with other persons that are vibrating at the same frequency, whatever that is, whatever they choose that to be. But wish them love, right? Bless them with love, bless them all the best wishes in life and continue with yours. You keep your peace, you keep your spiritual center through your spiritual practices, through your understanding that the physical eyes in a way is the deceiving eyes, right? Because it does not hold the whole truth. It only holds the truth of what has manifested. And becoming more harmonious within.

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You know, your sanity and your emotional state of well-being will be significantly impacted. So, you may get in a car accident, you may find yourself in just financial debt, you may find yourself in all these imbalances with all the physical pillars of life or the physical aspects of life that are meant to be balanced so that you can actually be integrated spiritually in the non-physical and the physical.

So, inner harmony is very important. Inner harmony, intuitive connection. You have persons you can talk to, share your experience with, hear other persons share their experiences. And then a mentor as myself who is going to have the spiritual insights to share with you, to assist you, to offer you the new perspective and the new framework so that you can integrate things in a non-physical and physical way. And when I say training, spiritual training, right?

How to actually practically incorporate the physical, the reality with the non-physical.