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Artists need high quality images of their work for so many things. Portfolios, websites, social media, submitting to grants and juried competitions, and more. Mitch is incredibly knowledgable about what it takes to properly document work, he is easy to get ahold of and schedule time with, and his turnaround time can't be beat.

Absolutely, Mitch is the person you want to photograph your paintings! Amira Freidson of artbizservices. I would recommend anyone who needs art photography to avail themselves of Mitch Rossow Photography. We have worked together for 10 years and in that time has photographed and catalogued all my paintings besides managing all my website duties.

Over the years he has refined his process to such an extent that the usual problems of glare and delicate color balance are no longer an issue. For me personally his ability to hit subtle neutral tones and extremely nuanced tonal transitions make him the only choice to work with. Personally he is a courteous, punctual and easy to work with — a true professional.

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I am an oil painter working in the contemporary style of expressive realism. Mitch Rossow has been my photographer for a few years now, and I have nothing but glowing words to describe what it is like to work with him. We have sent his images to all venues including feature articles in national publications, international salons and competitions, and books and catalogs.

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It is wonderful to know that the photos I am sending are of the highest caliber, and meet all their specifications. I need to add here that Mitch is a joy to work with, is very flexible and patient, and has a well trained, discerning eye. Hey Mitch, just wanted to let you know that I had that same large hats painting photographed by another photographer that you had done for me because I wanted to compare the results.

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The old method I had been relying on of going from transparency first and then to a scan is really pretty inferior now that I see them side by side. I've tried to photograph my own work for years, and it never worked well. I couldn't get the painting square, neither the color nor the detail could be captured properly, and they were barely usable for my portfolio and website. I've also used professional scans of my paintings. While these turned out better than my personal photographs, details were often lost, the color wasn't always accurate, and I had issues with banding when producing prints.

I've used several professional photographers that specialize in art documentation, including at local museums. None have come close to capturing the amount of detail and accuracy that Mitch achieves with his photographs. Matthew Rucker. Just picked up some photographs that Mitch Rossow did for me of artwork, WOW, what a beautiful job he does!! High Quality Artwork Photography Specialized oil painting photography for artists, galleries and collectors. Shows Every Brushstroke in Vivid Detail. Unique High End Camera 36 Megapixel camera captures rich colors without becoming oversaturated.

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Managed Dynamic Range High key images retain details without blowing out and impasto is revealed without troublesome shadows. Previous Next. Be Yourself — Why is that such sage advice? This practical, content-packed workshop is designed for any photography business professional in any genre, style and location around the world.

The marketing techniques and psychology of sales are tested and proven over 10 years. They are transparent, honest and are all customer focused to increase client education and to give you great quality leads, not just numbers and empty enquiries. You might want to go down the blogging direction, while others do 3rd party, expos or portrait parties. Not to mention Facebook ads, google re-target marketing, schools, mini sessions, or one of the other 92 marketing ideas we will go through.

High Quality Artwork Photography

Most successful studios have at least 5 — 10 marketing ideas happening at any one given time. Contact Mark Directly on mark markrossetto. This piqued my curiosity so I gathered my strength to check it out. Ever since we moved in…our yard has been screaming for attention. We have old trees surrounding the house that need to be trimmed. Drew recruited one of our neighbors to help him with this task.

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We are so lucky to be surrounded by great people with lots of tools. Especially since Drew and I have so little tools to our name. Including no snow shovel and no lawn mower…so a chain saw was completely out of the question. I stayed to watch the drama of ginormous limbs falling from the sky. Before we knew it, it was time for the Mountaineers to tip off against the Kentucky Wildcats in the fight to the Final Four.

I was beyond outraged that I had no voice to yell at the ridiculous officiating that was happening before us. Drew made a trip to the kitchen and came back with a wooden spoon and a pot. I was a force to be reckoned with after that.

At the sound of the final buzzer the score was and the Mountaineers are headed to Indianapolis for the Final Four for the first time since As you can imagine, mayhem erupted in our living room. I was jumping up and down on our couch banging the pot with my wooden spoon as fast as I could. I leaped over the coffee table into the arms of Drew, his long-time friend Matthew and our newly adopted Mountaineer fan Jessica. As we hopped up and down in our living room, I hoped that the floor would remain in one piece.

It did. Drew disappeared to the basement only to reappear with a ladder and a drill. Again, drilled…. On Cloud 9, in disbelief, excitement and nerves are settling in as we prepare to head to Indy. And you better believe that we will be there this time. No Buffalo excuses! The snow is GONE. Glad you had a good weekend. Hope your throat is feeling better!!! Aunt Lori - Thank you, thank you…I love this chapter in your life story. You need to come up with a book title.

Love you both.. Who also loves some serious football. And I find beauty if gorgeous packaging. This all started in my early childhood with my mother. Every Christmas our basement is stocked with handmade bows that my mom has created. I even remember my first Christmas when I sat down there with her learning, tying and retying bows on the gifts of my friends and maybe an old boyfriend or two.

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The excitement that comes with giving a gift is a given…. Hence the marriage of my photographs to unique and personal packaging. This is simple, sweet, custom-made to fit the style of my clients and yes, hand made. I used to ship my photographs in an envelope. A part of me died every time I did this. Not anymore!!! Not as exciting as you thought? Trust me…this brings me more joy than you could possibly imagine!