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These tensions show up in Swedish classrooms. In early , reports of a fatal stabbing by a refugee student became a rallying point for anti-immigrant sentiments across Sweden and the whole of Europe. What role can they play in mediating language and culture among their students?


While they connect with students, families, and the community in effective and unique ways, they often feel relegated to the corners of the teaching profession. I run around translating in different classes when students or teachers need help, but I never get the chance to talk to them about their curriculum.

In using Arabic with her students, she gains their trust and strategically positions herself with the lead teacher.

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On a more positive note, the aides also consider themselves role models for their bilingual students. In addition to their classroom work, the bilingual aides feel they serve as bridges between broader immigrant communities and the school.

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Districts can also draw funds from other sources to train more teachers for bilingual classrooms. The Local Control Funding Formula gives schools with high numbers of English learner students more funding. Both Coleman and Gandara said districts should make use of those funds to address the need for professional development to prepare more bilingual teachers for the classroom.

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PDF 15 Step Lessons BILINGUAL

Click here for EdSource's Comments Policy. I suppose the fact that when voters were told in polling the actual intent of Prop 58 as opposed to the misleading ballot title and description a practice by recent attorney generals that is proving to be very problematic in its deception its support dropped precipitously and in fact may not have passed even in the anti-Trump Democratic wave election. I predict the next step will be new Visas to bring in bilingual teachers. We who live in this state know that much of the Spanish spoken is not academic Spanish one would expect from an educator.

12 Steps to Creating a Language-Rich Environment

Great topic! We need to fund the Bilingual Stipend. Great article. I was impressed by the program you describe that will attempt to increase the number of teachers of bilingual children. I taught in a program which educated bilingual teachers for 10 years.

The program was unique because we placed the teacher candidates TCs in classrooms with mentor teachers and instead of a traditional practice student teaching, the TC taught many lessons in all subjects for a full semester. Our graduation rate for the … Read More. Current research indicates that large numbers of teachers leave after five years.

So we were very successful in providing qualified teachers of bilingual children, many of whom remain in the profession. New funds available to train bilingual teachers in California.

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