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Edith Nesbit opened the door in the magic wardrobe, pointed the way to platform nine and three quarters. She even had a hand in building the Tardis. And these are among her minor achievements. She is also simply the funniest writer we have ever had' Frank Cottrell-Boyce With all the original illustrations by H.

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The Story of the Amulet E. Review quote If Britain is to children's fantasy as Brazil is to football, then Edith Nesbit is our Pele - endlessly surprising and inventive. But she is more than that. There were fantasy writers before Edith Nesbit but she is the one that brought the magical and the mundane together in a moment of nuclear fusion.

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She opened the door in the magic wardrobe, pointed the way to platform nine and three quarters. She is also simply the funniest writer we have ever had, while being the one who could most easily and sweetly break your heart with a phrase. Just try saying "Daddy oh my Daddy" without catching your breath. About E.

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Nesbit Edith Nesbit is perhaps most famous for writing The Railway Children and Five Children and It, but she was extremely prolific and wrote or collaborated on more than sixty children's books. Nesbit is today recognised as one of the most influential and innovative children's writers that ever lived, and is cited as an inspiration by many contemporary authors, including J. Description Half of the sand-fairy's magic amulet transports four London children back to the worlds of ancient Egypt, Rome, Babylon, and Atlantis. In The Story of the Amulet Nesbit's powers of invention are at their best.

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It is a time machine story, only the device is not a machine but an Egyptian amulet whose other half is lost in the past. By saying certain powerful words, the amulet becomes a gate through which the children are able to visit the past or future. Pharaonic Egypt, Babylon whose dotty queen comes back to London with them and tries to get her personal possessions out of the British Museum , Caesar's Britain: they visit them all in the search for the missing part of the amulet.

Nesbit's history is good. And there is even a look at a Utopian future, which turns out to be everything a good Fabian might have hoped for. Ultimately, the amulet's other half is found, and a story of considerable beauty is concluded in a most unexpected way. User reviews LibraryThing member pandoragreen. A childhood favorite, I have reread this book at least a half dozen times. Pretty much everything by E.

The Story of the Amulet

Nesbit is worth a look or three. LibraryThing member antiquary. LibraryThing member Marse. This time the children from "Five Children and It" and "The Phoenix and the Carpet" are traveling through time with the help of a magic amulet. As always, E.

Nesbit is a wonderful storyteller, and the children's adventures are interesting and amusing. They travel back years, visit Babylon, see the destruction of Atlantis, meet Julius Caesar, as well as other adventures, all in order to get their heart's desire, which was the quick return of their parents from a trip away from home. A lovely book. LibraryThing member Bookish Language English.

Original publication date Physical description p. Local notes Psammead, 3. Similar in this library The Enchanted Castle by E. The Railway Children by E.

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