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Although parents decrease the amount of food they provide to offspring when helpers are present, the additional supply provided by the helpers more than compensates for this reduction.

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As a result, chicks fed by parents and helpers tend to receive more than those raised without helpers. However, research has shown that these offspring who receive additional food do not appear to gain any advantage as a result.

Mother's Little Helpers

This has raised the question of who really gains from helping behaviour - a question that has baffled scientists until now. Research reported today on a common Australian bird species has provided a novel answer. Researchers have discovered that in the 'superb fairy-wren' Malurus cyaneus , mothers benefit more from helping behaviour than their offspring.

Mother's little helpers

The drugs are also non-specific: they act on multiple subunits of GABA, which govern different actions, such as anxiety, restfulness, motor control and cognition. So even if a person goes on the drugs to alleviate social anxiety, they are invariably altering how they think, sleep and even move. That, in turn, explains why a person coming off benzodiazepines may experience wholly new symptoms, such as panic attacks and seizures.

He initially assumed that most people on the drugs had ramped up their dose to such a degree that they had become hooked; instead, he found that users had largely remained on the prescribed dosage.

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In the s, Lader and a team of researchers issued one of the earliest warnings against long-term benzodiazepine use. Since that time, decades of evidence have made clear that taking benzodiazepines comes with serious risks, yet they remain hugely popular.

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Antidepressants e. Prozac and cognitive behaviour therapy are effective anxiety treatments, but neither act immediately; antidepressants can also initially worsen symptoms.

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In the original concept of [the film, we were asking] what are the dualities here? I usually ask this of documentarians, but was there a turn in the road of what you may have thought this was going to be and then it changed direction on you?

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Put it in! We were shooting B-roll and had a list of each character and a list of things and the times of day that I wanted that to occur, so it was very clean and efficient.

Mother’s Little Helpers

Like what is going to happen? Kestrin Pantera: And there was a technical aspect too. Can we do it because the sun is setting? Is Jeff Powers okay? But it was amazing just to watch Sam and Breeda work and have them repeat that extreme intensity of a massive emotional moment that is so grounded in truth and love and vulnerability and then being able to slam these punchlines in out of nowhere left and right.