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We saw this guy in the first post and mused about whether he is simply an angel or whether he is Jesus. John is instructed to take the open scroll that the angel holds. When he does, he is told to eat the scroll. The voice from heaven tells John that when he eats the scroll it will taste as sweet as honey. Well, yay!

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Who can argue with that! Ah, but then he is also told the scroll will make his tummy sour and bitter. Pass the Pepto Bismol! Sure enough, that is exactly what happened. Why in the world would John need to eat the scroll?

revelation 10, the little scroll

Well, there is precedent for this in the Word of God. In Ezekiel 3 the prophet Ezekiel is told by God to eat a scroll, then go prophesy to the nation of Israel. When he eats the scroll he finds that it is sweet as honey. The words he is told to prophesy seem to come from the ingested scroll. In Revelation, we find a very similar circumstance. John eats the scroll. It tastes sweet going down, but bitter when it hits bottom. That scroll is the ability to distinguish good from evil, and the willingness and strength to embrace the good and reject the evil.

It now is time for the Church to eat it. The Christian Church has been existence for years. With some notable exceptions, the emphasis has been on forgiveness. The Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross to make an atonement for our sins. But if we stop to think about it, forgiveness without deliverance from sin does not solve the problem of fellowship with God.

Adam and Eve were without the guilt of sin. They were innocent, not knowing what was good and what was evil. Also, they had not inherited a sin nature. Yet their one disobedience separated them from God and has resulted in six thousand years of agony. If everyone in the world were forgiven and brought to Paradise, and the sin nature were removed from them, we would be in the same situation as Adam and Eve found themselves in the beginning. What would happen then?

Someone sooner or later would disobey God. Being in Paradise, even without a sin nature, would not prevent disobedience to God. Forgiveness apart from deliverance and transformation into the moral image of Christ, does not result in the Kingdom of God. There must come a point at which we are made aware of the bondages of sin in our life, delivered from them, and then have Christ formed in us, if the Divine redemption is to be fully effective; if the Kingdom of God is to be established; if Paradise is to be regained and then maintained.

The New Testament describes the removal of sin from the Kingdom of God. This verse is not describing merely a season of repentance, but the actual removal of the cause of sin from the Kingdom of God.

The Little Scroll

The emphasis is not on what we are going to do but what the Lord and His messengers are going to do. After sin has been removed from those of the Church who are willing to be delivered, then the wicked, people who refuse deliverance from Satan will themselves be thrown into the fiery furnace. In the beginning, Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This tree, like all the other trees of Eden, was good for food. The problem existed in that while the tree of the eternal moral law of God was good, the first two people were not prepared to eat from its fruit.

We must have a measure of Christ formed in us before we are able to deal with the problem of good and evil. This is why God has waited for two thousand years before having His saints enter the battle of moral deliverance. We notice that while the Lord Jesus Christ cast out demons, the healings and deliverances were physical and not moral. Adam and Eve were without guilt because they did not understand it is a shame to be naked.

God did not want them to know they were naked and that it is a shame to be naked. He had in mind to clothe them at the proper time, and so God told them not to eat from the tree or they would die. They would become conscious of their shameful condition and hide from God.

But it causes death when we become aware of it, because we find that we lack the ability to please God by obeying it. Notice that Adam and Eve did not read the moral law of God, they ate it. So it is true that we do not enter the salvation of God merely by understanding it. We must eat the flesh of Christ and drink His blood in order to be saved, to be healed, to be filled with the Spirit of God, and to obtain release from moral bondages.

We can learn about the God of the house of God only as we eat His flesh and drink His blood. The time has arrived when the Church is to move further along in the plan of redemption by eating the moral law of God. Justification has been overemphasized in our day to the point that the only people in the world who do not understand what righteous behavior is are the Christians. Meanwhile, they are under the impression God is not aware of their behavior. The New Testament declares that God is well aware of our conduct, and if we do not judge ourselves, He judges us. Sometimes the result of the Divine judgment on us is sickness, or even death.

It is time for this unscriptural attitude to change. The Day of Vengeance of our God against His enemies, the enemies that dwell in our flesh, has arrived. Ezekiel ate the scroll. We are able to warn ourselves and them concerning the enemy. We are in the days of the seventh angel, when he is beginning to sound Revelation As a result we must eat the scroll of the Word of God, the word of judgment against sin. As we eat the little scroll little in the sight of men , we are brought into judgment.

The altar mentioned here is the Altar of Incense, the symbol of those who have moved past Pentecost and are seeking the will of God. Divine judgment always begins with those who are the closest to the Lord. After we have been judged, we will be charged to bear witness to the nations of the earth. We will cry out against sin, warning the peoples of the earth of the soon coming of the Kingdom of God.

The following has to do with what the two witnesses will proclaim:. The Christian churches as well as the world are not, in the present hour, prepared for the Lord to return. Yet we are at the end of the Church Age, expecting Jesus Christ to return to earth.

Prophet Ezekiel

Those who refuse to be delivered from sin will be removed from the Kingdom of God and cast into the fires of Divine judgment. It is important to remember that the fires of Divine judgment are not directed primarily at people. The Lake of Fire was not prepared for people but for the devil and his angels.

The Divine warfare is against those forces that cause us to sin against God, often against our will. If we are wise we will cooperate with the Holy Spirit as He points out our sins to us, and then gives us the desire and strength to renounce them. If instead we justify our behavior, making excuses for the sinful things we do, then the judgment will be directed at us.

Of one fact we can be certain: there shall be no sin in the Kingdom of God. Notice that we are making a distinction between us and the sin that dwells in us. Let us look in the New Testament and see if we can find a basis for this distinction. The reference is to the Roman custom of buying slaves in the market. When Adam and Eve sinned, Satan was able to buy possession of us. We are His slaves. When Christ died on the cross, His blood paid a price sufficient to buy our freedom.

We now are legally free from Satan. However, Satan will not release us, because he is not honorable. Therefore force must be exerted of sufficient power to compel Him to release us so we can obey the laws of righteousness.

Revelation 10 - The Little Scroll

Christ paid the price for our release. Now He is coming in sufficient power to set free whoever will cooperate with the Holy Spirit. This is the Day of Redemption spoken of in the Scriptures. The Day of Redemption will attain its climax when our body is set free from corruption. However, deliverance from physical death resurrection is the destruction of the last enemy.

The armies of heaven follow him on white horses Jesus will release the fierce wrath of God No one can mistake that the person mentioned in chapters 1 and 19 is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Third , this angel raises his right hand toward heaven and takes an oath to God. It would be odd for Jesus to come down to earth, then take an oath of himself.

Foot on Land and Sea v. Small Scroll. This scroll is different than the seven-sealed scroll that we have read about in Rev ; There are various views about what this scroll contains. Some say it is is similar or the same to the scroll of Rev Mathewson, Revelation , , others say the little scroll contains Rev , and some say it contains Rev Robertson, Word Pictures.

The best answer about what the scroll contains is that the scroll reveals some of the mystery of God while at the same time commissioning John to write his prophecy Metzger, Breaking the Code, 68; Thomas, Revelation , Land and Sea. There are various views about this land and sea. Deut I do not agree with Mulholland on many of his views.

A Great Shout v. A great shout like the roar of a lion likely means that this was a loud and powerful roar. I think John is just using the symbol of an lion as a way to describe how loud and powerful this shout was. Seven Thunders Secrecy v. Seven Thunders. Voice from Heaven. The voice from heaven is likely the voice of God or Christ Thomas, Revelation , Why Not Write It Down? Other times in the Bible we see biblical writers told to seal what they have seen and heard:.

Wisdom of God - The Little Scroll

I will reluctantly tell about visions and revelations from the Lord. I was caught up to the third heaven fourteen years ago. Yes, only God knows whether I was in my body or outside my body. Revelation and 2 Cor both tell us that all that the biblical writers knew was not written down.

There are other things they heard and saw which they hoped to write down for us, but were not permitted to do so. A Right Hand Toward Heaven v. Support for this goes all the way back to the Old Testament:. No More Delay v. God is Creator. The Bible is absolutely and solemnly clear that God is the one who created the world and the universe Gen ; , 22; Exod ; Neh ; Pss ; Rev ; It is Finished.