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I personally lived what I write and my testimonies bear witness to the Truth of the Scripture. Selective submission is not submission at all; it is rebellion! And rebellion is witchcraft! And sadly, a rebellious wife will possibly never see her husband submit to His authority, Jesus Christ.

No, Sarah did not sin. When he asked her to tell a half-lie of course, a half-lie is still a lie and, therefore, a sin , Sarah obeyed and, as a result of her obedience to her husband, God protected her. As I said, it is important for us as women to understand the command that is given to us as women. This includes your daughters, daughters-in-law, sisters, and mother, as well as your Christian and non-Christian friends. Jesus refers to the Pharisees as blind men, hypocrites, children of the devil, trying to catch or trap Jesus in what He said.

He also said the Pharisees hindered potential believers, perverted Scripture, were self-justified before men, were outwardly righteous and blind to spiritual things. The scribes were experts in legal matters. He refers to them as having external righteousness, teaching without authority, and questioning Jesus on His authority. Jesus exposed them, condemned them, and, also, called them hypocrites. Let our hearts be open as we search for the Truth. You can easily find someone who will tell you what you want to hear. Are we living in the time when women will not endure sound doctrine?

Will you turn to myths?

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Let us take a very close look at all the references to Sarah and her relationship with her husband Abraham. The Bible refers to Sarah 59 times! In all those references there are only three times when Abraham asked her to do something. Remember, sh e is to be our example of obedience toward our husbands. In Genesis Abram tells Sarai how beautiful she is and that when they enter into Egypt, she is to tell the Egyptians that she is his sister so that he may live. Did she sin by lying or is she innocent because the authority over her told her to lie?

Abram is ultimately held accountable. Pharaoh then sends Abram and his wife Sarai away with all that belonged to him. Now, in Genesis , we see Abraham asking Sarah God has now given them their new names to go and make cakes for the visitors. We find that Sarah again obeys her husband and makes the cakes. But then in verse 5 we see the king begging God for his life. God protected Sarah and He will protect us as well! To prove further that we are not responsible when we obey our husbands, we see in verse 9 that when the king blames someone, he blames Abraham.

Then, in verse 13, Abraham clears Sarah of any wrongdoing. He confesses to the king that it was his idea to deceive him. The king tells Sarah that he has given her brother 1, pieces of silver to show that she was cleared of any wrongdoing. We can be certain that God will test our hearts also. We see the evidence in Genesis as Abraham sends Hagar and Ishmael away. In Scripture there are eight different words for obey. The definition of this word obey is: to hear, to be under as a subordinate is, to listen attentively; by implication to heed or conform to a command or authority; to hearken, to be obedient, to obey.

This word for obey is found in First Peter when women are commanded to obey, as Sarah did with Abraham. It is also found in:. Romans when it says that we are to be servants and obey from the heart see also Gen. However, they are using a different word, such as the word PEITHO pie tho which means to convince by argument, to pacify, to persuade. But this word is not used in the relationship between a wife and her husband. We have walked through the Word together to find out the Truth on submitting to our husbands. All that now stands in the way of submission is a rebellious spirit.

We have studied the life of Sarah to see true submission in action. We saw in her life both blessings and protection. And we know that Sarah is exalted in the book of First Peter because of her radical submission to her husband Abraham. But to bring us more understanding, it would be helpful to study the life of Eve, that we might glean more wisdom. Had Eve known and applied this verse, it would have saved us all a lot of pain!

For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil. What should she have done? Was Eve to blame when Adam sinned? It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea. There is a perfect balance here. If we are the cause of our husbands stumbling and sinning, we are responsible. On the other hand, our husbands are accountable to the Lord for their sinning. And while we are on the subject, remember that if your husband is heading for sin, get out of his way!

Furthermore, we are told not to even say one thing to him about it! The definition of the word yet is important. It means: nevertheless, however or but. Let me paraphrase it. Therefore, we have protection as we stay under the authority of our husbands. But I do not allow a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet. Now when we are told to submit to a man, this man is not just any man, nor is it every man. We are to submit to our own husbands. We also are to be subject to the men and women who are over all men and women, such as bosses or the police, etc.

Many Christians have stumbled over this area of women teaching men. When a woman is called to teach, her husband should not be her pupil. The word preserve is from the NAS Bible. Again, as we saw how we need to obey our husbands without any fear 1 Pet. Faith, as we know, is the opposite of fear. This word desire is translated from the word tshuwqah , which is defined as: a stretching out after; a longing; a desire. If you wondered why your husband blames you, it has been that way since the beginning of man!

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Why was it his disobedience and her deception? The last time the commandment not to eat the fruit is mentioned is four verses before Eve was even created! Eve did not knowingly sin; she was deceived! Adam knew what he was doing when he took it from her and ate it. His downfall was in listening to his wife. I know I was guilty of this very thing. This is an excellent way of pulling down your own house, ladies! The curse of toiling was meant for your husband. Now let us look at some other wives in the Bible to gain insight from their role as a wife.

We will look at both the good and the bad examples. And the woman was intelligent and beautiful in appearance. We will see as we study Scripture that Abigail lacked discretion. It begins in First Samuel 25 when we learn of the situation. When the men heard that her husband was shearing his sheep, David sent a group of ten to suggest that he give them a reward for the work they had done, which was the custom. This angered David, and he planned to kill Nabal and all the men of his household. Many preachers have used Abigail as an example for us to follow; however, she violated Scripture.

Abigail did not give her husband his proper position in the marriage and took matters into her own hands. Insubordination is defined as: not submitting to authority, rebellion, open opposition to authority, and stubborn defiance of control. We cannot excuse our rebellion because of the actions of our authorities; the Word is clear. When she was concerned that there was harm, she should have reported her concerns gently and respectfully to her husband. If Nabal had still persisted in his stubbornness, she instead should have cried out to God, not David, for mercy. By taking matters into her own hands, she was limiting the possibilities of God to deal with her husband and the situation.

I know that Abigail was born before 1Peter was written; however, her violation proves that we should not look to Abigail as the heroine others claim her to be. If Abigail had honored her husband, God would have protected her as He did with Sarah. Nabal is his name and folly is with him. She made it known that she would have handled the situation differently than her husband. Yet, it was not her position to do so.

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She believed she was better at dealing with this dangerous situation. This was anything but a blessing. She lived as an exile with David and his first wife in Philistia 1 Sam. We know from Scripture how miserable Leah was with her marriage because she knew how much her husband Jacob loved Rachel. Could any of us imagine being just one of six wives? We know about David and Bathsheba. And let us not forget that he had other wives at the time.

I know that when my husband was with just one other woman, it just about killed me! Names are very significant in the Bible. If Abigail had only kept silent God could have moved on her behalf. You may wonder what God could do for her, or maybe what He can do for you if you are married to a fool. God is faithful to turn the heart of David and even your husband. What about you, will you take matters into your own hands when you see danger approaching you and your family? Or, will you trust God by allowing your husband to save the family? Please go in to my maid; perhaps I shall obtain children through her.

And Abram listened to the voice of. Abram as his wife. I gave my maid into your arms; but when she saw that she had conceived, I was despised in her sight, May the Lord judge between you and me. Now here we see Sarai moving into a brand new violation. God is so good. Sarah messed up big time, but God turned the situation around as she began to please the Lord. I, too, messed up big time.

I had no idea what a wife was to do, say, or be. The more you follow His guidelines with a pure heart, the more blessings He will pour out on you! Curse God and die! Shall we indeed accept good from God and not accept adversity? Poor Job, he lost everything and he was covered with boils.

It reminds me of when I had my first son in the hospital. Yet every few minutes there was the nurse asking me if I wanted something for the pain. I felt like I wanted to slug her. Praise the Lord! He has changed me! It was too bad for Job that God took all but his wife from him. God obviously does have a sense of humor! Job paid attention to what he said and he was blessed. We do, however, know her by her foolish comment. This is not the way I would want to be remembered; how about you? Let yourself be free, by abiding in the Truth. Submission is for our protection.

On the other hand, rebellion will keep you in bondage. She began her story, but had to stop because tears began to fall. They were tears of gratitude to her Heavenly Father and His mercy. She was grateful for His grace that enabled her to be obedient to her husband in a very difficult situation. That was the drug my doctor had given me and I had stopped taking because of my husband. God truly had a special call on this new life one day he will be a mighty man for God. We are told to wait on the Lord, but many do not.

Promises were never kept after she moved in with him. Travelling further in time, Cheryl selected The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe, a series of science fantasy novels set in the distant future when the sun has dimmed and the earth is growing colder. While some way from science fiction, the poem is said Sam, about our place in the universe.

The costumes and set were designed by Oliver Messel, who created a spectacle of colour, grace and courtly magnificence that, after the desolate war years, was a revelation. The designs for this production of The Sleeping Beauty were so successful that, according to Gemma Brace , curator at the University of Bristol Theatre Collection, they are still used for reference.

This was just one of the insights Gemma shared in her recent talk at Redland Library about the Oliver Messel archive, which the Theatre Collection acquired in Again the production was a huge success and Fonteyn shot to international stardom. He also designed for opera and for cinema, working on eight films, including Caesar and Cleopatra , which starred his great friend Vivien Leigh. Messel also applied his anti-realistic, elegant style to interior design and textile design, book illustration and decorations for society parties.

But by the s, his work was no longer fashionable and he moved to Barbados, where he took up architecture, designing fantasy holiday homes for the super-rich. Morag began the discussion with her recommendation Life Chances by Simon Poulter, Sophie Mellor and others, an experimental novel seen through the experiences of an investigative journalist, Diane Butler. Written in collaboration with two community associations — one in Bristol and another in Cardiff — against the background of the Universal Credit roll-out, the book looks at how marginalised communities can find a way to influence decision-making.

Sarah Jakes Roberts - #Pieces of Ruth in YOU - Sarah Jakes Roberts 2017 Sermons

Jack developed the idea of fighting for representation with his choice, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell. Jack told the story of how the book came to be written, the struggle for publication and the tremendous influence it has had on generations of socialists. Author Alan Sillitoe, for example, credited the book with winning the post-war election for Labour in As Colin explained, Zinn challenges arguments against direct action and makes the case for civil disobedience.

Set against the background of the Dreyfus Affair, Wheatley tells the tale of a conspiracy to restore the French monarchy. Taking stories and ballads that date back to the fifteenth and early sixteenth century, Pollard examines the Robin Hood legend in the economic, social and political context of the time. Similarly, Tony continued with the conspiracy theme, choosing Op. Where does the gift of poetry come from?

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How important is poetic tradition? Should poetry be expressed by the spoken word or the written word? Held on 26 March as part of the extended programme of the Bristol Poetry Festival , the event was organised by Friends of Redland Library, who asked a panel of local poets to talk about the books that had most influenced their lives. One of the books she borrowed was The Red Pony by John Steinbeck and was so horrified by the fate of Gabilan that she could read no further. His first recommendation was 52 by Jo Bell, a poetry writing handbook, which encourages both established poets and beginners to write a poem a week.

Callum is also a performance poet, who as a drama student, discovered poetry by watching YouTube videos. In difficult times, the panel agreed, poetry can help find a way forward. Tom also chose Everything That Can Happen , an anthology that he had edited with Susannah Evans, which interrogates visions of the future. Meanwhile, as a guide for uncertain times in the present, Fiona suggested Living with Contradiction: Benedictine Wisdom for Everyday Living by Esther de la Waal, which shows that ambiguity can be transformative. It was after the death of Ted Hughes that Deborah — trapped in a disintegrating marriage — discovered his Birthday Letters.

I started to write. From Afghanistan to Alaska — over land and by sea — the panel took us on a journey of literary discovery. An avid reader of travel literature since childhood, Jean chose The Way of the World by Nicolas Bouvier to take to the desert island. Bouvier tells the story of road trip from Serbia to Afghanistan that he and a friend took in the s, captivating the reader said Jean, with the power of his writing.

Sarah, Rebekah and Rachel: Beautiful and Barren

Helen is a specialist in medieval literature, which features stories of journeys and pilgrimage. Discussing walking for pleasure as well as for political, aesthetic, spiritual and social purposes, the book examines the relationship between the body, mind and surrounding environment. Telling the story of his own voyage through the Inside Passage to Alaska, which traces that of Captain Vancouver in , Raban also reflects on the way the sea has influenced the art and culture of the indigenous people of the Northwest coast. Leaving his Cotswold village home at nineteen, Lee walked to London and then through Spain as it heads towards civil war.

Examining gender politics and family relationships, the book also considers how we relate to the land and to particular landscapes. A vivid account of life as a hill farmer, the book is a riposte to Romantic poets, such as Wordsworth and the long tradition of shepherds and shepherdesses in English literature. What is identity and why does it matter? Both Rik and Julian, who are specialists in dementia care, gave the audience some thought-provoking insights and fascinating reading suggestions.

In this philosophical work, Taylor examines how the contemporary understanding of identity has evolved from earlier views of the self. Based on the theory that fear of death drives everything we do, the book looks at how we can manage this terror and live happily.

As the authors show, we need the security of a cultural worldview, together with a strong sense of personal significance — or self-esteem. Inspired by the elements of the periodic table, Levi draws on his experiences in fascist Italy and later in Auschwitz to create a thoughtful — and often funny — collection of short stories.

The book, Rik said, is full of humanity and has much to say about the nature of identity. Some of the books discussed can be ordered online through Libraries West at: www. There are twists and turns along the road to running a bookshop. But according to a panel of local booksellers, this journey is well worth the effort.

This was the first in a series of new events organised by Friends of Redland Library, who asked panel members to talk about the books that had most influenced their careers. This book prompted him to volunteer with an AIDS charity, which indirectly led to him meeting his book-loving wife. Most of the books recommended can be ordered through Libraries West at: www. They gave the capacity audience some interesting recommendations — and plenty to think about.

Held on a bitterly cold evening in early January, the event was the latest in our Desert Island Books series. Narrated through the voice of a Victorian novelist, the book is saturated by a twentieth century sensibility. The most recent version was by Baz Luhrmann in and like every other film of the book, it was criticised for lack of subtlety.

Born to be Bad: Talking to the Greatest Villains in Action Cinema by Timon Singh is collection of interviews with the actors behind the villains, while Political Animals: The New Feminist Cinema by Sophie Mayer, has become a bible for contemporary feminist film-makers, curators and critics. Most of the books recommended are available from Libraries West: www. Councillors Clive Stevens and Estella Tincknell provided a valuable insight into the Bristol Council budget process and the budgetary challenges being faced by the city.

The consultation closed on 17th December and feedback will be considered by both Cabinet and Full Council. Dinan, N. Nugent and W. Focussing on different aspects of the EU, the book analyses issues such as migration, the Eurozone and ongoing integration as well as problems with membership. A social satire set in Paris, the novel is a critique of the beauty myth and gender representations. Molly also chose to take fiction to the desert island and her pick was The Gustav Sonata by Rose Tremain. Set in Switzerland against the background of the Second World War, this is a story of friendship and loss that develops themes of neutrality and self-mastery.

Middlemarch, she thought, would be perfect for a desert island because it contains many different stories and — if she were to use her time on the island to write her own novel — who better to be her guide than George Eliot? A true story of Victorian murder and morality, the book is a meticulous examination of a criminal case with interesting parallels today. You can order most of the books discussed on the Libraries West website at: www. Written in , the book explores the ways in which people can use the anonymity of the city to construct social status and new identities in a way that would not have been possible in traditional village societies.

The book shows how a new musical genre was created on inner London council estates, against a background of protest, pirate radio, police harassment, riots and gentrification. As Paul pointed out, council housing offered a new beginning for working class families moving out of Victorian slums, but the concept was subsequently undermined.

Nevertheless, Paul is optimistic. Lucy, a spoken work poet, chose a verbal snapshot with Bristol Slam Poetry Anthology, edited by Glenn Carmichael and published in