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I wanna thank Hayley , Scott Adcock , and Filmslayer for recommending me this yesterday! It was exactly the kind of cheesy cryptozoology film I enjoy! Troll Hunter is a little found footage film that follows an amateur film crew that gets taken under the wing of a mysterious hunter who claims he hunts in the middle of the night for the government. He drives a beat up van, has a stereotypical facial scar, and he keeps to himself. The found footage sub-genre of horror hasn't found much in the way of success outside of The Blair Witch Project two decades ago, a film that promised a lot and delivered comparatively little, but in a way that was gripping, suspenseful and making superb use of the genre's best asset—the human imagination.

The Troll Hunter

Since then we've had countless remakes, ripoffs and derivatives all trying to capitalise on what is now a tired gimmick. Day 3 of Hooptober I really liked this one. As a Dane, I was familiar with many of the fairy tales and fables referenced in the mythology of this movie, which was great.

The humour was also great, and Hans Otto Jespersen was phenomenal. The rest of the characters felt a little flat, but the actors were fine.

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I think they made the "found footage" style work relatively well, although sometimes the camera settings changed in the middle of the action, which was a little strange. The monster design was also surprisingly awesome. Troll Hunter has a lot of pretty cool stuff.

Episode 66 | The Troll Hunter

Big trolls, weird trolls, exploding trolls and of course a troll hunter. In a way I kind of wish this wasn't a found footage film and instead just a normal film about Hans and a person who follows and films what he does. Troll Hunter gives us the enigmatic character of Hans but unfortunately he shares the screen with the other characters, who aren't nearly as interesting.

Therefore the most interesting part of the film doesn't quite get the narrative he deserves, or could get if this wasn't found footage. Dispirit some dizzying moments Troll Hunter is one of the better found footage horror pictures. And a sold debut picture of Andre Ovredal who has interesting career in horror pictures.

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An interesting and rather entertaining found footage movie that I can see having a lot replay value. It's short and to the point, managing to maintain its engaging style and characters from start to finish. Hans turns out to be in the employ of TST, the Norwegian troll-safety department , as their government-sanctioned troll hunter of the Norwegian folklore kind of troll who hunts and kills trolls who come into contact with people. Although initially reluctant, Hans eventually agrees to take the trio with him on his latest round of troll hunts, citing tiredness with the current policies of the department and figuring it's about time the truth came out.

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Not to be confused with Troll Hunters. Community Showcase More. He then created four bot accounts, each with a different identity: white male with many followers, white male with few followers, black male with many followers and black male with few followers. To make his automated account look legit, he bought dummy followers from a website. At first, people turned on the bots. It was unnerving, he says.

After a short-term increase in racist language, he found that abusers who were admonished by a bot that appeared to be a high-status white male reduced their use of racist slurs. In the month after the intervention, these people tweeted the n-word fewer times on average than those sanctioned by a bot that appeared to be a low-status white male or a black male.

Another problem, as Hemphill found, is that identifying abuse is hard.

Giant Wooden Trolls Have Emerged at The Morton Arboretum as Troll Hunt Makes Its Debut

There is also an inherent weakness in the system. Bots may be set to tackle harassment online see main story , but methods to deflect abuse and manipulate behaviour could themselves be abused. Who should control them? For Libby Hemphill at Illinois Institute of Technology, the best answer is to put them in the hands of Twitter or Facebook so they can police their own communities. Bots might also be attractive to authorities that want to change behaviour online in their favour, especially in light of recent crackdowns.

According to New York University researcher Zeynep Tufecki, there are now cases against about people for insulting the president online. And after the Dallas police shootings, four men were arrested in Detroit for making anti-police comments on social media. Who controls the bots?