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As a result, a year employee could be let go with only eight weeks worth of pay. But unless you have them write it into the contract, you run the risk of being met with quizzical looks or worse, flat-out denial when you ask for a raise or an extra week of vacation time six months after starting. More Weekly Flyers. Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first. I was pulled out of school at the age of 14, and home schooled very badly til I was old enough to legally drop out at I then got my GED at the local college in my hometown.

I never set foot in high school, and I guess you could say that I feel like I missed out on a lot.

It's like, subconsciously, I am trying to bring myself back there and experience some of the things I was never able to in real life. So I do it with fiction. I also prefer the Young Adult genre because it's more clean I love an adult novel too, don't get me wrong than most adult novels. There is a certain innocence to most of the YA genre that I really enjoy. It's a way to believe that maybe the whole world hasn't gone into the crap shoot.

Labels: musing mondays. Cover Lust Labels: cover lust.

  1. From “workers’ consciousness” to the statement: “workers think”.
  2. Factories and the Conjuncture?
  3. Pictors Metamorphoses: and Other Fantasies.
  4. A Critical Introduction to Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Labels: genre: fantasy , genre: paranormal romance , genre: science fiction , genre: ya , incarnate , jodi meadows. Waiting On Wednesday WWW Wednesday Crossed Matched 2 by Ally Condie. I am really enjoying it so far! Incarnate Newsoul 1 by Jodi Meadows. It was a very unique and interesting read, I will say that. Pieces of Us by Margie Gelbwasser.

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Divergent Divergent 1 by Veronica Roth. I honestly can't stand not knowing what all the hype is about, so I moved it up in my TBR pile. Can't wait to see what it's all about! The other two books are for review, but I am excited to read both. Labels: www wednesday. Can I review this book as a retelling? No, I cannot. I have never read Rebecca , so my review is of New Girl all on it's own.

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Our Florida-native protagonist is extremely unhappy when she learns that she has been accepted to Manderley Academy in New Hampshire. As a child she wanted to attend boarding school, so her parents began trying to get her accepted every year. After a slew of rejections, Rebecca gave up the dream and began enjoying public school. Her parents, of course, never realized that she had forgotten that long-ago dream.

So, she finds herself spending her very last year of high school in a brand new place full of brand new people. After her arrival, she soon realizes that missing her sunny home is going to be the least of her problems at Manderley. Almost everyone at Manderley seems offended by our protag's simple presence at the school. Almost immediately she realizes she's constantly being measured up against the student she's replaced.

Becca Normandy. About how she'll never be like Becca, never have what or who Becca had. Becca disappeared from Manderley the previous year, and no one even knows whether she is alive or dead. Rumors run rampant throughout the school, and a lot of them point to Max Holloway, Becca's boyfriend - or ex boyfriend. Did he murder her?

Studio taps just shy of 25 years.

Knock her up and abandon her? Or did she simply drown in the cold waters of New Hampshire ocean? Just when our protagonist is about to burst from the pressure of it all, she finds out the truth - but not before bizarre happenings make her think she may be going insane, or that possibly everyone around her is. The only thing that irked me was the fact that, during our parallel storyline about Becca, some of the characters including Becca herself seemed quite vapid and overly shallow. It seemed like they were too air-headed to even be at this prestigious school.

It was clearly stated that most of the students had a 4. It just seemed like most of these students weren't that smart. It didn't seem to fit together properly.

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At times I was disgusted by Becca, and I really did not like her at all. I think readers were meant to hate her, and then maybe feel for her in the end, but I never did. I just disliked her the entire time, from beginning to end.

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