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They began to have broken branches and decline at about 18 years old, and now we are about to remove them and replant.

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Don't believe it when others tell you they live 70 years, it is not true. All shipments originate from zip code Our nursery is regularly inspected by the state of Minnesota for disease and insect control. We are normally a wholesale business, however over the years retail customers looking for good prices, and willing to order in our minimum bundle quantities have used Karsten Nursery as a great source of trees, shrubs and conifers at a very good value.

Why Plant Hybrid Willows? If you need a fast-growing hedge row that will provide quick protection from wind, snow, noise or dust then order online today and get your Hybrid Willow trees in the ground soon! We encourage you to plant a variety of other species inside of the outside row of Hybrid Willows, that way in 20 years you will have a good stand of trees inside of the declining row of Willows. This means extra work for you even if the seller replaces the dead ones. If one tree in a row dies, now you'll have a hole in your row that is difficult to fill in, since the new one will be very small and the others grow very quickly.

Our stock is sold as rooted plugs, so the soil comes with and the roots are never exposed to the air. Other species of trees grow well from bare root stock, but NOT the Willows. We used to sell the Hybrid Willow bare root, but we stopped 20 years ago and developed a better method that really works. Don't get fooled by low prices, you will be sorry.

We sell to anyone however all orders must be for full bundle quantities. To see our available species and price list click here. Use the tab at the top of this page to order Hybrid Willows. All other orders must be sent by email to confirm availability. To get our pricelist next spring, please enter your email address and click on sign up.

We appreciate all of our customers and should any problems with delivery, or stock quality arise please contact us immediately so that we can make things right.

Phone: Email: Joel KarstenNursery. Office: Lakehill Drive, Worthington, Minnesota About Us. Planting Instructions. Current available stock.

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Anthropogenic man-made or disturbed habitats , meadows and fields, shores of rivers or lakes, swamps, wetland margins edges of wetlands. Usually occurs in wetlands, but occasionally in non-wetlands. Wetland indicator code: FACW. Exact status definitions can vary from state to state. For details, please check with your state. Salix discolor Muhl.

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Salix ancorifera Fern. Fields, roadsides, waste areas, swamps, wetland margins, shorelines. The plants generally resemble S. It resembles S.

Like the Willow Tree: The Diary of Lydia Amelia Pierce, Portland, Maine, 1918

The ovaries show sparse pubescence during flower vs. It mostly closely resembles S. Native: indigenous. Facts About Pussy willow produces silver, velvety upright catkins on leafless stems late in winter that are reminiscent of tiny cat feet. Habitat Anthropogenic man-made or disturbed habitats , meadows and fields, shores of rivers or lakes, swamps, wetland margins edges of wetlands. Bud scale number there is one scale on the winter bud, and it covers the scale like a cap Bud scar shape Fraxinus NA Collateral buds there are no collateral buds on the sides of the branches Leaf scar arrangement there is one leaf scar per node on the stem or twig Superposed buds there are no superposed buds on the branch Winter bud scales the winter bud is perulate partially or completely covered with one or more scales Winter bud stalks the winter buds have no stalks.

Berry color NA Fruit type general the fruit is dry and splits open when ripe Fruit type specific the fruit is a capsule splits along two or more seams, apical teeth or pores when dry, to release two or more seeds Nut with spines Fagaceae NA Wings on fruit there are no wings on the fruit.

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Sap color the sap is clear and watery Stalked glands on fruit Rosa NA. Growth form the plant is a shrub i.

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Habitat terrestrial wetlands New England state Connecticut Maine Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island Vermont Specific habitat edges of wetlands man-made or disturbed habitats meadows or fields shores of rivers or lakes swamps. Plant odor the plant does not have much of an odor, or it has an unpleasant or repellant odor. Wetland Status Usually occurs in wetlands, but occasionally in non-wetlands.

Native to North America?