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However, my first cousin, Paul, who was 20 years older and I thought looked like James Bond, took me on as a little brother. He was single and all about town and let me tag along on his excursions. So I found Crechales in my early teens, 13 I believe. We usually ordered broiled flounder to be de-boned by the server at tableside while we always praised and flirted with our waitress. Paul taught me that. Crechales still remains my favorite place to eat and be a host. They ordered the menu, holding court in the back booth as we went through all the courses. The waitresses kept bringing food to their dismay.

Willie Morris loved Crechales and a trip to dine with him and JoAnne was always a treat. Willie seemed to shine there. He felt at home. I felt he was creating a character watching the Chrechale patrons. Barry Moser loved the chicken gizzards, for him a rare menu treat. And I end by suggesting my style, which is as always as soon as you sit down order onion rings, then top them with Comeback sauce and start your evening delights with a cold beer. To order a copy, call Lemuria Books at After jumping from place to place, Hayley and her dad have decided to attempt to settle down in upstate New York.

However, Hayley is optimistic that she can have a normal life here, perhaps even a boyfriend. The characters are wonderful and the plot is fast-paced and intriguing. The American Booksellers Association, a national not-for-profit trade organization, works with booksellers and industry partners to ensure the success and profitability of independently owned book retailers, and to assist in expanding the community of the book. Independent bookstores act as community anchors; they serve a unique role in promoting the open exchange of ideas, enriching the cultural life of communities, and creating economically vibrant neighborhoods.

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Copyright American Booksellers Association. BookWeb is a registered trademark of ABA. Submit site feedback. Skip to main content. See details for schedule. January 21 to 24, Search form Search form Search. Bookstore Blogs. Widely regarded as one of the most talented writers producing today, Mitchell is perhaps known best for his work Cloud Atlas, along with The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, …. Categories: Bookstore Blogs. AddThis Dashboard. Love, Hannah. Collins Crime Club, William Morrow, New York, It is the green-eyed monster, which doth mock The meat it feeds on My 52 Weeks With Christie: A.

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Check out the awesome poster for the TTBF! Created by artist Michael Seiben! Boswell and Books - Fri, This week's online literary clipping service for Milwaukee. He writes: "Emma Donoghue is a gifted writer. She has opened an unknown world to us and forced us to smell and taste it, even when it disgusts us. Her achievement here is one akin to time travel. We are transported and return with insights into the past in ways we may never have dreamed. Frog Music makes the past sing. Their most recent entry featured another look at Christopher Isherwood, in lieu of the recent reissues of A Single Man and his letters.

It is a strange, engrossing book — extraordinarily personal and unlike any other volume of letters in literature. From the promo: "Turn back the clock to the 19th Century, and the hottest ticket in town, as far as sports were concerned, was the sport of pedestrianism. Watching people walk, around a track, often for days at a time. Back when we had our event, it was clear that the crew fans were among the early adopters of Brown's wonderful story. Lake Effect notes: "The Milwaukee River Challenge will draw throngs of curious onlookers, but back in , rowing was very much in the public consciousness.

Alas, there's no play button on this segment, but you can find it on the full episode. Burton is the featured speaker at the annual Sharpe Literacy Luncheon. He's definitely an ebook reading type of guy, and is currently immersed in Game of Thrones.

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But only if Vig is ever spotted at Boswell. Bonnie North talked to the Madison-born Mills, who originally went to Alabama to report on the town of Monroeville, as part of a Chicago Tribune project. The pieces are, in essence, thought-provoking snapshots of where the characters find themselves at a particular moment in time. From WPR: "But no matter what your place in life, sharing an apartment with someone can come with rewards and challenges. Joy Cardin's guest discusses how to deal with a far-from-ideal roomie, and welcomes your stories of horror, happiness, and lessons you learned.

We will likely be the last generation to know what it's like to not be continuously wired. Well, unless Station Eleven's predictions come true. I've apparently been listening to a lot of Cardin lately. It's generally on the reairing at night. Per WPR, Almond says "the once-wholesome game not only puts players at too high a risk of brain damage, but also promotes greed, violence, racism, and homophobia. Larry Meiller visits with Michael and finds out how different it is from writing memoirs, and what inspired the story.

On this interesting tome: "To the amusement of the pundits and the regret of the electorate, our modern political jargon has become even more brazenly two-faced and obfuscatory than ever.


Where once we had Muckrakers, now we have Bed-Wetters. Where Blue Dogs once slept peaceably in the sun, Attack Dogs now roam the land. During election season--a near constant these days--the coded rhetoric of candidates and their spin doctors, and the deliberately meaningless but toxic semiotics of the wing nuts and backbenchers, reach near-Orwellian levels of self-satisfaction, vitriol, and deceit. Kate M. Is Recommending: Between the Covers - Fri, Washington Territory, Jacob and Nell Ellstrom step from ship to shore and are struck dumb by the sight of their new home--the Harbor, a ragged township of mud streets and windowless shacks.

In the years to come this will be known as one of the busiest and most dangerous ports in the world, and with Jacob's station as the only town physician, prosperity and respect soon rain down on the Ellstroms. Then their son, Duncan, is born, and these are grand days, busy and full of growth. But when a new physician arrives, Jacob is revealed as an impostor, a fraud, and he flees, leaving his wife and son to fend for themselves.

Years later, on a fated Fourth of July picnic, Duncan Ellstrom falls in love. Her name is Teresa Boyerton, and her father owns the largest sawmill in the Harbor. Their relationship is forbidden by class and by circumstance, because without Jacob there to guide him, Duncan has gone to work for Hank Bellhouse, the local crime boss. Now, if Duncan wants to be with Teresa, he must face not only his past, but the realities of a dark and violent world and his place within it. Told from various points of view, Brian Hart's novel follows the evolution of the Harbor from a mudstamp outpost to a city that rivals the promise of San Francisco.

The Bully of Order is a meditation on progress, love, and identity; a spellbinding novel of fate and redemption--told with a muscular lyricism and filled with a cast of characters Shakespearean in scope--where everyone is as much at the mercy of the weather as they are of the times. From Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist and leading Alzheimer's advocate Meryl Comer comes a profoundly intimate and unfl inching account of her husband's battle with Alzheimer's disease, one of today's most pressing—and least-understood—health epidemics.

When Meryl Comer's husband, Dr. Harvey Gralnick, chief of hematology and oncology at the National Institutes of Health, began forgetting routine things and demonstrating abrupt changes in behavior, doctors were confounded as to what was wrong. Diagnoses ranged from stress and depression to Lyme disease, from pernicious anemia to mad cow's disease supposedly acquired from a trip to London. Finally, after years of inconclusive tests, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, a seemingly impossible disease for a man in his prime. Comer gave up her television career and for the next two decades cared for Harvey in their home, tending to his every need while watching him regress into an emotionally distant and sometimes violent stranger.

His inner clock is confused and can't be reset. His eyes are vacant and unaware. With candor and grace, Comer chronicles her personal experiences—her mistakes, her heartbreaks, her minor victories—to paint an intimate and moving portrait of Alzheimer's and, in the process, she reveals the truth about the disease and everyone it affects. One hundred percent of the proceeds from Slow Dancing with a Stranger will support Alzheimer's research. Seventeen-year-old Belle Boyd, an avowed rebel with a dangerous temper, shot a Union soldier in her home and became a courier and spy for the Confederate army, using her considerable charms to seduce men on both sides.

Emma Edmonds disguised herself as a man to enlist as a Union private named Frank Thompson, witnessing the bloodiest battles of the war and infiltrating enemy lines, all the while fearing that her past would catch up with her.

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The beautiful widow Rose O'Neal Greenhow engaged in affairs with powerful Northern politicians, used her young daughter to send information to Southern generals, and sailed abroad to lobby for the Confederacy, a journey that cost her more than she ever imagined. Elizabeth Van Lew, a wealthy Richmond abolitionist, hid behind her proper Southern manners as she orchestrated a far-reaching espionage ring--even placing a former slave inside the Confederate White House--right under the noses of increasingly suspicious rebel detectives. Abbott's pulse-quickening narrative weaves the adventures of these four forgotten daredevils into the tumultuous landscape of a broken America, evoking a secret world that will surprise even the most avid enthusiasts of Civil War-era history.

Three young adults grapple with the usual thirty-something problems--boredom, authenticity, an omnipotent online oligarchy--in David Shafer's darkly comic debut novel. The Committee, an international cabal of industrialists and media barons, is on the verge of privatizing all information. Dear Diary, an idealistic online Underground, stands in the way of that takeover, using radical politics, classic spycraft, and technology that makes Big Data look like dial-up. Into this secret battle stumbles an unlikely trio: Leila Majnoun, a disillusioned non-profit worker; Leo Crane, an unhinged trustafarian; and Mark Deveraux, a phony self-betterment guru who works for the Committee.

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Leo and Mark were best friends in college, but early adulthood has set them on diverging paths. Growing increasingly disdainful of Mark's platitudes, Leo publishes a withering takedown of his ideas online. But the Committee is reading--and erasing--Leo's words. On the other side of the world, Leila's discoveries about the Committee's far-reaching ambitions threaten to ruin those who are closest to her. In the spirit of William Gibson and Chuck Palahniuk, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is both a suspenseful global thriller and an emotionally truthful novel about the struggle to change the world in- and outside your head.

A paranoid, sarcastic and clattering pop thriller. Shafer gets the playfulness-to-paranoia ratio about exactly right. He's got a sick wit and a high style. Reading his prose is like popping a variant of the red pill in The Matrix: Everything gets a little crisper. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is a page-turner, yet many more 'literary' writers will, I suspect, envy Mr.

Shafer's tactile prose. His eye is hawklike. Shafer has written a bright, brash entertainment, one that errs, when it errs at all, on the side of generosity, narrative and otherwise. It tips you, geekily and humanely, through the looking glass. Shafer's writing is hip, wickedly hilarious, cutting edge, and ultimately concerned with old-fashioned notions of morality and redemption.

His inventive, comic, dystopian semi-thriller restored my faith in fiction. A techno-thriller with a soul.

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Shafer etches diamond-sharp and precisely observed contemporary satire. Shafer's arch prose, comedic timing and deft feel for shadowy motives in high places are reminiscent of the late Richard Condon The Manchurian Candidate , only with sweeter, sweeper characterizations It's possible that Shafer is remaking the international thriller into something more humane and thus more credible. Between the Covers - Fri, Check them out HERE. Welcome to a new school year at ArtPlantae! Join the mailing list to receive updates. Plant collections address the following subject areas: plant evolution, Mediterranean plants, local plants, rare native plants, and useful plants.

Drawing in the Glasshouses […]. BookPeople's Blog - Thu, The winner will be announced on December 9th. Learn more over at The Center for Fiction and we congratulate the authors on their success. Bank Square Books - Thu, More events Boswell and Books - Thu, A bookseller asked me what we were going to do with our bookmark calendars, but we were using the plexy for another sideline, so we decided to buy a new plexy. These multi-tiered acrylic displays are very, very helpful at Boswell, and only occasional fall and break.

We decided that the only thing wrong with our existing displays is that tended to be limited to two or three tiers, and so we upgraded to four. And then the craziest thing happened. Without measuring, it turned out that the display exactly fit the twenty styles of bookmark calendars that Amie brought in, meaning no rotation of titles on her part.

How the heck did the happen when we were just winging it? Sometimes things just work out. Jeff VanderMeer - Wikipedia. Jeff VanderMeer is an American author, editor, and literary. Jeff VanderMeer is an American author, editor, and literary critic. Prime Books also announced that it had acquired Jeff VanderMeer's Marietta Publishing was launched over the Labor Day weekend with three trade paperback.

Malzberg, amongst others.

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  8. OK, it wasn't the first vampire novel, but Bram Stoker's most famous work. Ann and Jeff VanderMeer's massive anthology includes everyone from. The Angel of Death is not happy. New young adult books from Heidi Heilig, L. McKinney, Tessa Gratton, and more! But now that she finally has it, the murmurs of dissent grow louder by the day. Jeff VanderMeer. You may have become acquainted with His fiction writings are often set in fictionalized New England.

    His most frequently praised writings. Are they simply Dracula updated, or are they something different, and new? Actress, The: A. Labor Day: A Novel. This is my day job, and doing media work has been a way to help pay the. Sure enough, two days later, when I was home unpacking my newly minted.. DeCandido, Keith R. Each chapter is a new day, and each new day is a new life.