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The prize of God in Christ! The prize? Our church has just emerged from a very busy weekend.

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Not one but two search committees have been working simultaneously through past months in pursuit of individuals to serve our church in the respective capacities of Lead Pastor and Youth Associate. The proclamation and modeling of the gospel are the calling and ministry of us all!

The traits and patterns listed at 1 Timothy are not merely prerequisites to the ministry, they also are the ministry. There have been many questions and answers; much talking and listening; and there has been a lot of reflection and prayer. It has been a time especially to reacquaint ourselves with the Scriptural directions regarding leaders and the leadership task. The instructions at 1 Timothy concerning those who aspire to eldership have not been far from our minds through the earlier interviews and in the culminating visits of the candidates.

He must manage his own family well and see that his children obey him with proper respect. He must not be a recent convert, or he may become conceited and fall under the same judgment as the devil. In a very real sense, they are the ministry. Second, while we look to find these Christian character traits and life patterns in our leaders with peculiar strength and consistency, the traits and patterns are not peculiarly leadership traits. They are, after all, Christian character traits and life patterns to which we should all aspire and grow. I received this message from one of my former students, Shawn Barden, last week.

Shawn is pastoring a great church in Fernie, BC. His message encouraged me and I thought it might encourage you as well. Hey Kent Just wanted to share a note that might make you smile and feel encouraged. On Wednesday last week a couple in our church was involved in a devastating motorcycle accident. Suddenly I became reacquainted with the reality of living in a fallen world. All of my ministry plans for the week seemed insignificant in the light of what happened.

So I spent three days going from hospital to hospital to hospital as their condition grew more serious, ending up in Calgary. So much prayer for them was labored over by many, and we saw answers, I mean jaw-dropping answers to prayer! And I felt shamefully surprised. But He can, and He does, thank you Jesus. Anyway, I rushed back from Calgary with minutes to spare before I had to lead our overnight Alpha retreat.

It was so intense and good — seeing all the emotional shrapnel that results when there is a collision between real lives and Jesus. So by Saturday night I was so exhausted. I just wanted the weekend to be over. That Sunday morning, for the first time in my life, I got up to preach without having been able to prepare a sermon. And fittingly the pre-scheduled topic was on the power and work of the Holy Spirit. There was this weight of presence over us. The thought of it right now chokes me up.

So while I am carefully preparing a sermon for this week on John 14, I feel a renewed humility at where the power of pulpit rests. We can build the alter, but He provides the fire. God bless, and I hope His work here encourages you there! Several weeks ago, I used my assigned blog entry to muse over the death of my mentor and friend, Robert Webber. The way he prepared for death has taught me a lesson on how to prepare for life with an addition to my daily prayer: thank you, Lord, for the healing of yesterday, and I ask your healing power for today.

The memorial service was wonderful in many ways, but I want to point to one thing in particular. As a Christian I have always believed in Christ as the Victor over sin and death. I believe that Christ was the Second Adam, sent to this earth as God Incarnate, suffered death, was buried and rose from the dead to restore the entire creation. I believe that it is God who narrates the entire world and creation, from start to finish.

Consequently I have no fear of death although I do fear the process. Today, there are literally hundreds of different styles one can follow … for a funeral. However, historic Christian funerals were always about God. I … truly want [my own funeral] to be about God who created this world, defeated Satan at the cross and rose victorious over death and the grave. I want my funeral to be a testimony to the God who raises us from hopelessness and blesses us with new life in Him. And that is the way it was last night.

This is the way it should be, because there is no greater comfort than the gospel. Once again, the preparation for death has stimulated thoughts on how to prepare for life. Just what is a church missions team expected to do? Because of the way church missions has developed in recent years this question has become increasingly important for those who desire to be effective mission mobilizers. However, other church missions teams are playing a far more complex and influential role. In addition, the rise of short term missions can make the duties of missions teams quite demanding, often requiring the services of a full time missions pastor.

Unfulfilled expectations and a lack of clarity concerning the vision and responsibilities of the missions team quickly undermines its effectiveness. In this perspective short term mission teams or local evangelistic efforts — intra-cultural or cross-cultural — are not the responsibility of the missions committee. Instead, their role is to monitor and facilitate the partnerships of the church with those missionaries and other workers who have a primary responsibility to another organization such as a missions agency.

Whether or not this is the position taken by a church is of secondary concern. What is obvious is that the role of the missions team and the parameters within which it is called to function must be clearly defined. Let me know if you are interested. Have you discovered some creative ways to highlight missions in your church? Send those ideas to me via the form below so that they can be shared with other churches. Two days ago, I received word that my professor and friend Robert Webber finally succumbed to his long battle with pancreatic cancer late in the evening on April I mourn his death.

When I was a young Christian, his classes at Wheaton College taught me to think deeply about issues of faith. As the years passed, his teaching caused me to think deeply about the expression of faith. His studies on worship have served as a rich encouragement that there remains something profound to be discovered in the deep symbols and ancient voices that have been dismissed from our services.

His insight, his passion and the warmth of his friendship linger in my heart. Now his death has added to the lessons I carry. In December, I knew that he was suffering tremendously. On December 9th he was told that he had only days, maybe a few weeks to live. As he wrote in an email, he was an invalid, sleeping 16 to 18 hours a day, unable to bathe, dress, or eat without aid.

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Listen to his words:. So, in light of my improvement, how do you pray? I want to ask God to heal me but what if he already has. So, here is how Joanne and I solved our dilemma. We live and pray one day at a time. Please heal me tomorrow. What a wonderful treasure, this final gift from a caring friend. As I mourn his passing, I am learning to pray his prayer … with an added word of thanks to God for resurrection that has brought eternal healing to such a dear man. When my teaching was done, a couple of the students were charged by my hosts to show me the sites of the city in the few daylight hours that remained that day.

They asked me if there was anything in particular I wanted to see. I asked to see the Yoido Full Gospel Church. My guides showed me many sites around and outside the city until well past sunset. After that, we went to a restaurant and I was treated to an absolutely sumptuous meal. My impression was that the lateness of the evening meant that the Yoido church had been struck off the schedule of things to see. We arrived at the Yoido church sometime past pm. A prayer service was underway. One of my guides apologized that the attendance was less than usual—only about 30, people or so were there.

I was astonished! It put me in mind of a book I read about this church and its pastor Yonggi Cho. He related how a group of American pastors came to Pastor Cho, asking what method he followed. The key was…something else. But what was it? Methods can be quite helpful, but they will not ultimately realize a divine plan—for that to occur it takes God himself! We are in the midst of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Because the Vancouver Canucks have won the right to participate, our city is appropriately excited. Of course, flashes of brilliant hockey finesse also will go a long way to securing victory. Jim Brown uses these same words — smart, healthy, disciplined — to describe a board that operates creatively and with excellence. Yet, because he is not writing specifically for the spiritual context of a Christian church, we have to consider carefully how to evaluate his advice from a Christian point of view.

Everything I am and do is dedicated to you. Churches expect their leadership teams similarly to function with wisdom, spiritual maturity and good practices. They have given to their boards a significant trust. A smart church board understands the spiritual struggle in which the faith community operates. A healthy church board will demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit in its internal relationships its treatment of employees.

Good minutes, good agendas, good orientation, good chairing all serve to support excellence and enable the board to be healthy. It has been interesting for me to think about spiritual formation from a different perspective spending these days in Rome. I was less prepared for the influence of the Roman Catholic experience. It has been interesting to ride buses and walk the streets in close proximity with nuns, monks, and priests. Yesterday, my wife and I entered at least eight different cathedrals, all stunning in their beauty and complexity. Today we walked down Catherine of Sienna street.

A few impressions… On Saturday we managed to get tickets free — but nonetheless rare for the Pascal Vigil which is a three-hour service beginning at 10pm. This was pre-resurrection worship in anticipation of what would happen the following morning. We sat a few dozen feet from the alter inside the vast St.

Once we were able to get past the stunning beauty and scale of our surroundings, we were able to settle in and try to understand what was happening. Still, we were able to sense something of the wonder that Catholics bring to the experience of celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord. I remembered how just a few days earlier, I had led communion in a small evangelical Baptist church in Hope, BC. It seemed worlds apart. While I loved the sincerity and meaning of that small protestant service, I found myself feeling that our celebration was a little weak in comparison to all the drama we experienced at St.

Karen and I did not go forward to receive the mass, perhaps in solidarity with our free church reformation protestant forebears who would have been aghast that we were there at all. The veneration of Mary, prayers for the dead, and the general misuse of money and power so in evidence throughout this city, leave me cold. Still, these people love Jesus. I want to tell you that it was as much a worship experience as a tourist experience for me.

Yesterday, we visited the catacombs and thought about the tremendous faith practiced by the early Roman Christians. We visited the prison where Peter and Paul were incarcerated and stood inside a cell that may very well have been their own. I was deeply moved to think about how our faith is not some mythological story about gods that never actually lived. Our faith is rooted in real history and it has changed the world. In the afternoon we stumbled across a chapel in the Lateran section of town where was housed the Scala Sancta. Tradition holds that these were the actual stairs that Jesus used when he climbed to meet with Pilate to be judged.

While this cannot be proved, the possibility is plausible as these were real people and real places. Whether or not the stairs really were as reputed, I was moved by the devotion of people who climb the stairs one by one on their knees. The sides of the staircase are adorned with frescoes mural paintings depicting the passion of Christ.

I watched these people kneeling on each step individually to think about the pictures and to offer prayer to God. Say what you will about the possibility of their superstition, but rightly directed I could see how this could be a powerful worship experience. I guess I was too Baptist to participate, but I did pause to thank my God for his sacrifice for me. On Easter Sunday morning we stood in St. He denounced terrorism and the war in the middle east.

All are precious in his sight. I have been spending some time interviewing pastors and key missions committee personnel to discover the areas they would like to improve in the area of missions One frustration that a number of people expressed is in knowing how and when they are to keep mission agencies and missionaries accountable. One pastor provided the following insight:. The prayer letters that missions personnel send to the churches are often very different in content to the reports that they are required to provide their mission agency.

In order to monitor their missionary and be privy to important decisions being made the missions team of the church may wish to request these reports be sent to them as well. There are, of course, confidentiality issues that need to be taken into account. However, if the missionary grants permission for the report to be passed on to the church missions team and the team does not pass on that information without permission, such difficulties can often be overcome.

The benefit of such a request is that both the missionary and the missions agency become directly responsible to the sending church. The missions team in the church is able to ensure that the missions agency is providing the support and direction required and that important issues are being dealt with. They are also able to more clearly understand the difficulties and frustrations the missionaries face which they are not free to publish in their public newsletters. Have you discovered some creative ways to be an effective missions team in your church? Information on this will be posted on the Best Practices for Church Missions webpage as it comes available.

The question is interesting. No doubt some of this is simply human. But perhaps, given the spiritual nature of our task, we could build a routine that might help intentionalize the process of being ready to go into the pulpit to preach. Acree thinks there is. He counsels the preacher to pay attention to things like their personal sense of identity, their expectations for the event, and the allowance of adequate time. He deals with the expected aspects of prayer and attendance to the Spirit. He challenges preachers to care about the listeners, spending time with them and helping connect them to the Word.

I know what it takes to prepare a solid sermon plan and when that plan is only partially cooked. When I feel full of the message and the sermon burns inside me I am ready to preach. What God will do with it in result is up to him. What began this morning as a casual conversation has become a reflection that I just have to put into words.

The subject of Community came up as Dr. Perkins mentioned his wonder of what sort of unifying symbols we have as Canadians that express our shared identity. Even more, what sort of unifying symbols do we have as Christians that allow us to recognize each other in the Canadian community. An image immediately came to mind.

In the parking lot we witnessed probably the most common unifying symbol of Canadian identity as a crowd of fans — all wearing Flames jerseys — discovered each other in the parking lot. I must confess, even though I was determined to protect my interest as a Vancouver fan to cheer for a Coyote win against the hated Flames, my son and I found ourselves drawn to the Canadian crowd behind the Calgary bench as we watched the pre-game warmup.

If there were a unifying Canadian symbol, it would have to have something to do with Hockey. But what about a similar symbol for the Christian community. Again, an image came to mind.

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The hockey game was on Thursday. Different arena, different sport … but as we bumped our way into the stadium, I noticed another symbol. I must confess, there was a part of me that wanted a smudge on my forehead if for any other reason to be able to sense, in the crowd, that I — too — was one "of them. Back to this morning. Again, I confess that I was fascinated by the study.

In the Small Catechism, Martin Luther prescribed the practice because of the powerful potential for physical demonstration and the remembrance of deeper meanings. As Bierma writes, the faithful can treasure the multitude of meanings behind symbols. It is something that identifies community: the sign, as an act, small it may be, expresses the impetus of crossing the threshold between thinking in theological terms and practicing the Christian life. So, I linger on the question with a sense of wonder. How do we, as Baptists, create a sense of identity not just as a human community, but as members of a heavenly family?

In a post-Super Bowl comment, winning coach Tony Dungy is quoted as saying, ". Such things are not necessary for good coaching. The ability to control what you say reflects an attitude of heart, a personal discipline that is committed to goodness. Today, Northwest Baptist Seminary is launching a newly redesigned website. Wise people will listen to him, learn and respond; fools will hear, disregard him and crash. Jesus said there were few who would find it. But he also promised that if we truly seek it, God will disclose the way and enable us to find it.

Identifying key principles that God uses to get our attention. When God expresses His will, you could say that the "voice" He uses issues a "Call. In essence, they become "bodies in motion. Not too long ago, I read what appeared to be a remarkable insightful assessment of North American Christianity written by the Swiss Theologian, Philip Schaff: [it is] more Petrine than Johannean; more like busy Martha than like the pensive Mary, sitting at the feet of Jesus.

It expands more in breadth than in depth. It is often carried on like a secular business, and in a mechanical or utilitarian spirit. It lacks the beautiful enamel of deep fervor and heartiness, the true mysticism, an appreciation of history and the church; it wants the substratum of a profound and spiritual theology; and under the mask of orthodoxy it not infrequently conceals, without intending or knowing it, the tendency to abstract intellectualism and superficial rationalism. This is especially evident in the doctrine of the church and of the Sacraments, and in the meagerness of the worship … wherein nothing is left but preaching, free prayer, and singing.

Would it surprise anyone that Dr. Schaff wrote this assessment in ? What we lack is a thorough sense of "calling" that enlivens every moment of life, including the moments invested in Kingdom service. To deny His ability to "make the call" in simple things is a tragic mistake. It mutes His ability to speak in strategic ways at crucial moments. We have the choice to make a critical decision with our life. We can choose to live ordinary lives doing ordinary things in ordinary ways without any extraordinary sense of purpose.

There is a word for the first choice, the ordinary option.

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Occupy, occupy a spot, a place, for a period of time. God intends so much more for all His people. For those who deliberately make the first choice, there is another, a treasured word that describes each moment of their day. Whether it is washing dishes or composing sermons, their labor possesses the dignity that comes from purpose and meaning. It is an expression of obedience, it is Vocation.

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  8. Vocation is rooted in the Latin word vocare , [rooted in the Latin word vox — voice] which is exactly the same word call , which has an Anglo-Saxon root. He is a Calling God, one who speaks with clarity. When He speaks with a Vox and we respond with obedience, we discover Vocation , a life of divine presence and personal purpose and.

    Is it a work that I am able to do? In reality, there are a deeper set of questions that measure that assess the quality of the human heart: Have I become a person able to find God present in all areas of life? Have I been faithful in even little things? What areas of my life have been reserved for God and His purpose? How could the rest of my life been lived to His service? Do I rely on His resources for only certain actions, or have I learned to depend on Him for it all? If I were to look in the quiet corners of life, do I sense the presence of God?

    What lessons has He taught me in those corners? In an earlier generation, Brother Lawrence learned the nature and value of such discipline. His book, The Practice of the Presence of God , he refused to discriminate between the chores of life and the labor of ministry. He was determined to find the presence of God whether he was working in his kitchen or worshipping in his church. He had a simple daily prayer that opened a whole new realm of understanding, Lord of all pots and pans and things. Are you capable of faithfulness? Do you live in reliance upon God? Are you humble at heart?

    Are you able to serve? Are you willing to move according to His leading? Read the complete Cross-Cultural Impact Article. In , the German documentarist, Philip Groning, sought permission to film life at the monastery of Grande Chartreuse near Grenoble in the French Alps. The monastery is of the Carthusian order, the most ascetic — and silent — of all monastic orders. The product is a film, minutes long, composed of silent prayers, simple tasks, tender rituals, and a rare excursion.

    Who knew that men, so silent, could whoop it up like children. There were no car chases, and sometimes the only action in the span of five minutes was the occasional movement of lips or flutter of an eyelash as a monk was bowed in prayer. Just watching the film was a conviction that I was witnessing a discipline of spirit totally foreign to my experience. In one frame, a blind monk simply sits in prayer. At first, it appeared to be a still shot.

    One Minute Prayers for Young Men

    But, in the background, through a window, you could see the clouds sweeping past the mountain peaks in time-lapse photography. The artistry of the moment continues to haunt me as a vision of something utterly eternal [prayer] circled by the currents of time and space. I have found myself revisiting the scenes frequently, unlike any other movie, intrigued as I reflect on a dimension of life and soul that challenge me. As Brandon Fibbs wrote in his review: You are aware, while watching, of just how much you have and just how much you lack; of the omnipresence of the divine in the most mundane of activities; of the pervasive majesty of the natural world utterly squelched by our urban lives; of the inspiration these men arouse.

    To watch this film is to be humbled. To watch this film is to be in awe. Into Great Silence is a transformative theatrical experience, a spiritual encounter, an exercise in contemplation and introspection, a profound meditation on what it means to give oneself totally and completely, reserving nothing, to God. Twice in the last week, I have had quiet and tender conversations with very dear friends.

    Both have been struck by illnesses that have forced them into stillness. Both have lived accomplished lives and freely express their addiction to business as well as busyness. But, now, both are coming to terms with stillness. One, unable to move without aid, the other unable to sustain much energy. Both struggle with finding meaning in their day. And, yet, there is a way where God makes His presence known. It is not easy. I struggle to imagine what it would be like to live a sustained [and enforced] life of stillness.

    My suspicion is that just about every pastor I know has enough material to write their own series of stories. A theological version of All Creatures Great and Small , if you will. I begged to differ. In her book Out To Canaan , I finally found out what that prayer was.

    The only prayer that never fails? Thy will be done… Simple words, yet utterly profound. First Name. Last Name. Email Address. Phone no spaces or dashes. Enter your question or comment here. Type the letters you see in the box. There are also sites which list the top plugins here are a couple — Top 50 and Usefull WordPress Plugins I have spent considerable numbers of hours researching the net and searching for just the right plugins for the Northwest site.

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    This plugin expands the functionality of the editor so that it acts much like a normal word processor. The Event Calendar plugin. Northwest always has some sort of up-coming event.

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    This plugin help to keep track of those events via the WordPress web interface. Adding a new event can be done by any of the regular contributors to the Northwest site by adding an Event Calendar activated post. The FormBuilder plugin. Forms through which people can respond to you i.

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    The Themed Login plugin. The default WordPress login page is very plain and merely displays the WordPress logo. If you click on the login link you can see what it looks like. WordPress search function only searches posts. This plugin allows one to search both posts and pages. Here is what I would encourage you to do: Make a year of coming to know Jesus better.

    Sidlow Baxter, encouraged us to read the Gospels "pictographically" — in other words with the express purpose of seeing Jesus as the gospelers pictured him. That is the challenge I pass on to you — read Hebrews pictographically — with a view to seeing Jesus anew. The writer to the Hebrews himself speaks of Jesus in this way. My prayer for you is that you will come to see him afresh this coming year — that you will rejoice in the wonder of who your Savior is, what he has accomplished for you and who you are because of him.

    Read expressively. Try to read Hebrews the way the writer intended it to be read. At first you may not find reading aloud the most comfortable thing to do — but try it — I believe you will like it! This is not an easy challenge — but you will find it very worthwhile! May God richly bless you this year and may you daily rejoice in the wonder of this Hebrews benediction: May the God of peace, who through the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever.

    According to surveys conducted by The Barna Group : 1 out of every 2 atheists and agnostics say that every person has a soul 1 out of every 2 atheists and agnostics believes that Heaven and Hell exist 1 out of every 2 atheists and agnostics believes that there is life after death. We still want to hear from Him, but… As Christians, living in the context of this society, we are just not geared to slowing down and taking the time to build our personal relationship with God.

    Commit Scripture to memory. If you are just beginning — start with a familiar passage — something you may have memorized in the past. If you would like to meditate on a passage of Scripture that speaks to this practice that I am recommending go to Psalm and spend some time in it. To do that well, I have been getting trained in various Church Coaching systems. Along the way, one of my greatest joys has been developing a partnership with my friend, Cam Taylor — an associate with Outreach Canada.

    We share the legacy of pastoral ministry. Lloyd Rediger. His review outlined four different categories of congregations in need of care, each with their own stories. I have to admit that reading about toxic congregations depresses me. With all the time and effort that is spent trying to find a cure for congregational ailments, I begin to despair at the thought that Church Health may ever be achieved. In sharing my angst with a friend, the thought hit me. Maybe, just possibly, the natural condition of the church is that ILL is normal.

    After all, the human condition, no matter how fit a person may be at any given time, is prone to illness. I am reminded of the insight shared by my friend, Dr. Robert Webber, as he enjoyed a brief moment of remission from the cancer that killed him. This is an excellent way to start a habit of spending daily time with God. Themes include things kids face as they grow. Younger teens can find much wisdom and advice in this volume. Dare to be uncommon. Each day, teens use the organized prompt boxes to write down things to focus on.

    While not technically a devotional on its own, it is a perfect addition to any quiet time. One thing that teens prefer is to learn from other teens, instead of from adults even though adults have been teens at some point. Young teen boys will find the Scriptures, devotional reading, and prayer an excellent way to learn how to build up into men.

    Find wisdom and encouragement for life in only three minutes a day with this book. Each devotion includes a Scripture section, a short devotional reading, and a prayer to get started in a conversation with God. A whole year of daily devotions written to help boys develop into the man God intended. The insights in this book cover topics teens care about — as well as some they may not have considered yet.

    Meant for young men dealing with peer pressure, dating, and other typical teen situations, these devotions are set up to take 5 minutes and include Scripture and application. A habit is formed in about twenty-one days for the average person, so even the shortest devotional here is enough to start a teen on a lifelong good habit of spending daily time in the Word of God and prayer for himself and for others.

    Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit. The Action Bible Devotional. The Bible in Days for Guys. God's Mighty Warrior Devotional Bible. Heart of an Athlete. Heroes of the Bible Devotional. May the Faith Be with You. One-Minute Prayers. The Simple Gratitude Journal. Teen to Teen.